Blind weigh

I have been reading about a blind weigh in and am wondering if it would work for me or not? Basically it’s as it sounds so you go to group every week but the leader just writes it and doesn’t tell you how you have done. It’s then up to you when you check. (Weeks, months?)

I guess a big pro is you don’t get disheartened when you are expecting a big loss and you don’t get it. I am also very competitive so it might bring that streak out and I might push to get to a certain weight more quickly. It also stops you getting too fixated on the numbers each week.

Could it just go horribly wrong though and I don’t try as hard as I think “oh well it will come off next week?” I think I will mull it over. Thought it might be a good thing to do in December in an attempt to avoid the delicious Christmas food!

I enjoyed my first day on “no count” and will be really interested to see if it makes any difference on the scales! (Unless I blind weigh 😂) Prawns and cauli cous cous with med veg for lunch.

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