Shock factor

I really enjoy the talk at weight watchers. It really gets you set for the week ahead and can be useful to find out tips and tricks. This week’s was particularly shocking as my leader had some bags of chocolate (boosts and those mini digestive biscuit balls) and told us the point value! Wow, I can’t remember exactly what she said but both were basically your full daily allowance or more. Easily could be eaten in one go too!

I think it really makes you think about the importance of tracking as how often do we just have “one” because we are on a diet. One becomes two and they were only small so won’t be worth many points. Waaah!

I am going for it this week as I really want a good loss next week. I am away over the weekend but plan on fully tracking and stealing extra steps every moment I can! My little boy picked out a “prince” from the market. It’s definitely one to look at and carve, not eat 🤢.

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