Little roundup

So my blog is something I am really enjoying writing and it’s 100 percent making me think about my food choices and exercise. I lost another 1.5 this week Whoop!

This week I have decided to follow “no count” for the majority of the week and see if it helps give me a big loss to push into the next stone bracket. No count provides a list of foods you can eat freely from until you are satisfied. To ensure I don’t go berserk I am going to keep portion sizes low and up my vegetable intake. Anything you want off the list, you take out of a weekly point allowance.

So if I had to make a weight watchers must have food list it would go a little something like this…

Butternut squash. I’m lucky that I love it as it can be the staple for most dishes. It will be used a lot in my no count week!

Chicken. It is really low in smart points and can be jazzed up with herbs. Most meat is super low actually.

Prawns. Make a lovely salad or jacket topping and only 1 smart point! Good for having in to snack on too.

Wraps or lo-dough. Wraps can make a great quick lunch filled with meat and spinach. Or as a pizza base.

Slow cooked stews. A stew with loads of veg and some meat is really satisfying and really low points.

Cauli rice. This is fab as it means you can have all your favourite rice dishes for a fraction of the points. If you can’t deal with it maybe cook a little rice and mix them.

Overnight oats. So filling and feels like a treat breakfast.

Total 0% Greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of sweet freedom fruit syrup for dessert.

Veg veg and more veg!

JD seasonings. These little pots of magic help make great fake aways and comfort food!

I started the slim for Santa challenge too. Molly “off of” Instagram kindly let us all steal her pretty countdown.

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