Shallow Hal

With America ever looming I have been researching foods and brands to look out for to keep me in check. The thing my fellow American ww’ s seem to enjoy the most is Halo Top icecream so that is firmly top of the list. It is really low points and there are some really interesting flavours like birthday cake 😍. Any other must haves food wise let me know.

I read a really interesting post the other day about the shallow Hal effect. I often feel this! You are merrily progressing on your journey, feeling good and then bam a picture gets taken and when you see it you could cry as you wonder how an elephant got superimposed below your face 🙈. It’s a good motivator (I’ve eaten an extra lean breakfast) but does lower your confidence. I do think generally we pick out our worst parts first in a photo as we are self conscious of them but somehow they seem to capture you at your worst. Definitely a few moments like in friends “the camera adds 10 lb,” “how many cameras were on you?” 🙈

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