My obsession continues, I am a butternutter. I eat butternut squash at least 3 times a week. My Sainsbury’s order picker must be on my wavelength as some beasts were delivered this week. Last night for tea was lo-dough pizza with smaller cubes done in the actifry and were super delicious. (Everything is “super” right now, think I’ve overdosed on Blaze and the Monster Machines.)

I have really been missing my daily hypnobirthing tracks since having my baby. It was such a calming experience and really balances the mind and soul. I plan to do some research and find something to replace it. Shame Sophie Fletcher doesn’t do general mindfulness or a hypno diet daily track đŸ˜‚. Hit me with any recommendations. I saw “calm” so downloaded that app but fear it wants lots of money to unlock enough tracks to be decent?

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