I think sometimes realising how far you have to go to get to goal can be awful. You feel like you have come so far yet still have a mountain to climb (or shift!) As I’ve set mini goals along the way, I quite like seeing the totals.

My absolute goal weight is low (a stone lighter than normal goal weight) so I might get close and feel it’s too far but I’ve put it nonetheless. So on reflection:

I now have under 50 lb to go. That’s what KK lost after North right? 😂

In just over 7lb I’ll reach the half way point eeek.

2lb will get me in the next stone bracket.

It’s so important to remember how long it took to gain the weight, so losing can (and probably should) be a slow process. It’s frustrating, boring at times and can feel impossible but keep plodding along and you will get there and it will seem like no time once you get there and maintain for a while. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

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