I love travelling South for something as it normally means we can stop for a Tossed. It is amazing food and brilliant if you have one at the service stop as most people read the “healthy” branding and merrily skip past it on route to KFC, so it rarely has a queue. My absolute favourite is the falafel chipotle salad with spinach leaves in a wrap (thank you BCC.) It has avocado in so will be quite high in points but often in a situation of limited healthy, low pointed food to select, I look to eat food that’s good for you and not beat myself up too much on point values. Even my KFC brand ambassador husband (he literally would love that role 😂) had a Tossed this weekend due to queues and had to admit he really enjoyed it.

So weight watcher wraps are free on no count which has got me thinking I want to recreate a Tossed for tea this week. I will let you know how I get on and take some photos.

As per last week, the weekend has been a heavy one so I plan to eat low carbs on no count this week again to damage control the weekend and fingers crossed 🤞,get me the 2lb off I am desperate for. I feel my best when I limit my intake of starchy carbs and with the colder weather I think some stews will be in order.


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