Back to basics

In my determination to be good on holiday, I want to bottle how bad I feel this morning after a day off plan and remember it next time I want a full day off. 🤢. Everything in moderation would be fine but for some stupid reason I turn into a kid in a sweet shop when off plan and eat things when I’m not hungry, just for the sake of it as I don’t know when I’ll next be able to. The bin above the chin had an epic outing and is now firmly closed.

Diets are best when simple so I will get the books out later and plan some epic veg heavy teas to get me back on track. I don’t dare step on the scales to assess the damage yet 🙈.

So what I want to achieve this week before holiday? The next stone bracket down and still see it when we get home, less portion sizes and less starchy carbs.

The clouds will break. One step forward, two steps back 🙈.

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