The best time

I got lots of activity points last night at “fireball” in Leeds. We were all 15 years old again watching our favourite bands live. Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish were incredible and didn’t disappoint as always. Dancing is actually a really good calorie burner if you really go for it. Google informs me upwards of 230 calories in 30 minutes! It seems so much more fun so maybe this week’s exercise will be more dancing, Meridith and Christina style. 15 years added and I literally didn’t care one bit what I looked like dancing too. 😂

I haven’t dared step on the scales yet so might have a lean day today and brave it in the morning 🙈. I had an amazing meal at my sister in law’s house which was topped in mashed cauliflower instead of potato. It was so creamy so this week I might lower the butternut squash for some more cauli! My living for the weekend rock and roll lifestyle has to be addressed somewhat so I will try my best in America to make some wise choices and see if the weight loss can go down and stay down all week. At the moment my Saturday loss is only back on the scales by about Wednesday 🙈. We met Chuck Robertson too which was dreamy for all involved. (especially James 😂)

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