Time to dust off the fitbit

Annette has worked her magic and I’m slowly starting to feel less like an ironing board. Time to get the fitbit charged and get back to walking my 10,000 a day. I think it’s going to seem really hard again but I’m loving the feature where you can put a photo behind the stats 😍.

It’s time to ditch the diet coke. (Said in the style of the x factor voice over; time to face the music.) I have a bit of an obsession with caffiene free diet coke and Pepsi and I know it’s not good for me. I’ve been putting it off as I think sometimes on a diet when you really strip back to basics and what’s good for you, it can feel a bit “please sir, can I have some more?” Perhaps it’s the way forward though. Get rid of all temptation and eat lean for a few weeks to fully get in my stride. It’s so much easier to stay strong and say no to things when you’ve lost a decent amount of weight in succession. My weekends are ruining my mindset and making me feel bloated. I feel like I’m playing catch up all week so not losing weight as well as I could.

I follow the Kardashian’s and found keeping up with… an eye opener this week. Kim has serious body issues too, who knew? Well you might have known if you are an avid fan 🙈🙋‍♀️. It does make you realise though that literally any woman, no matter what shape or size, can have moments where they feel self conscious and not top of their game.

The marathon not a sprint continues!

34.5lb down 47 to go. Or something like that 😂.

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