For fun

Ahhh I discovered! You put your weight or weight lost/to go in and it gives you funny comparisons.

So my weight lost so far is 27 basketballs.

My weight to go 711 roses.

Whilst it is just a bit of fun, I love it in group when the leader brings the fat. Helen had a stone in fat, and a pound. It is mental how heavy they are. You can’t imagine how your poor body carried the extra and it makes you so determined it will never do it again. As the saying goes “I haven’t lost the weight as I never intend to find it again, it’s gone forever.”

With the stresses of getting holiday ready I haven’t been able to find much time to plan my meals. Smell an excuse eh? So it has been a bit off the cuff but I have just been making low carb choices as I know that works well for my body and is low points. We had shepherd’s pie last night and mine was topped with cauli. I think an epsom infused bath is in order tonight with a bit of calm app. There are lists literally everywhere of things to do/remember for America 🙈. I’ve not even had time to think about how much I hate flying. Every cloud eh?

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