Pushing through the boredom

I don’t know if everyone is the same but a few months into a diet and I get so bored. I’m fairly well trained these days so know the dangers of quiting and how quickly my body absorbs the bad food I eat. No danger of completely falling off the wagon but I just get to a point where if I think about another overnight oats bowl or chicken breast I’ll cry.

I want to skip to the end as I know I can maintain and know the limits of my body but unfortunately that can’t happen. It’s called a weight loss journey for a reason. (Or weight never to be found again journey 😂.)

So I’m bored, what can I do to spice it up?

1. I am going to get a JD seasonings order to come ready for when I get back from America. The kebab spice pot is so amazing!

2. I am going to research, Instagram, Google, ww website and beyond some new fresh recipes. I want vegetables I’ve never eaten, hearty meals to look forward to and excitement on my plate.

3. I am going to have some lean weeks to get the weight loss tumbling. Nothing like a decent loss to get you more inspired with the diet again. So no count with a low carb element.

4. I am going to attempt some exercise again, now my back isn’t so sore and get myself motivated and busy in the evenings, so I don’t think about food.

5. I am going to get competitive with myself and others on the slimforsanta challenge!

The next stone off will make such a huge difference to how I feel, how my clothes fit and my confidence so it WILL happen before Christmas!

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