Calm before the storm

I didn’t make it to weigh in yesterday. I was full of good intentions but it didn’t happen so my next weigh in will be 11th November. This is scary to me as I need a regular weigh in to keep me in check but I am focusing on the feeling of stepping on the scales and getting a lighter reading. I would be so proud of myself so trying to concentrate on that! I wanted to weigh in America but ww said it’s a completely different company so not really a possibility. Maybe I will just weigh in at a drug store or something?

I had time for a bath last night which was so serene. I had the Epsom salts and my calm app and it was like I was living the dream. It has made a massive difference to my back today, everything feels less tense. I think I will take my salts and have a hotel bath before we fly as it might help keep my anxiety in check if my muscles are relaxed. I hate flying but the therapy I had has really helped me so fingers crossed for an anxiety free flight!

I don’t have dog guilt this time as they get to stay home rather than go to kennels. I know they will have a great time with uncle Boobie. (Story for another day πŸ˜‚.)

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