I think sometimes realising how far you have to go to get to goal can be awful. You feel like you have come so far yet still have a mountain to climb (or shift!) As I’ve set mini goals along the way, I quite like seeing the totals. My absolute goal weight is low (a […]

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I love travelling South for something as it normally means we can stop for a Tossed. It is amazing food and brilliant if you have one at the service stop as most people read the “healthy” branding and merrily skip past it on route to KFC, so it rarely has a queue. My absolute favourite […]

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Out out

We went out out last night. Micky Flanagan style. It was amazing 😂. I absolutely love old friends that you don’t have to see or even speak to much but can pick up right where you left off years ago. Points went out the window but as I said yesterday, I am really enjoying a […]

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Weigh in

So today was my new weigh day of a Saturday, just over a week since I last weighed in. I am over the moon with 3 off. I think my body has fully got the memo we are in weight loss mode and it’s really clicked. I am really enjoying the freedom of a Saturday […]

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One life

I have a spring in my step this week as despite my bad weekend, I think I am on for a loss on Saturday morning. (Insert Smithy style “Yes” when Gavin joins in singing “do they know it’s Christmas”). I have been snatching inspiration everywhere I possibly can. Eminem is my car cd (when impressionable […]

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Mum work out

My back has been really aching this week so I haven’t really felt like running. It’s so important to watch your posture, especially when tired with a little one, you naturally slump forward when feeding. I have been putting effort in to remember to sit more upright and put a cushion under his head to […]

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Instagram is so inspiring right now with other bloggers and October goals. Normally I think it’s a really good month to crack on and make a big difference before party season. With 2 weeks of it in America though I am nervous about self sabotage so I thought I would set myself some October goals… […]

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No count

I am really enjoying no count this week and a sneaky weigh in suggests it’s working for me. A typical no count day today will go something like this: Bacon medallions in a ww wrap. Banana. Couple of ham slices. Butternut squaffles with chicken and broccoli. Soy sauce. Handful of fish sticks. Curry or chilli […]

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My make up delivery came today and I can’t wait to get glammed up for no reason later. I think it’s so important on a diet to look for joy elsewhere and just because you aren’t where you want to be goal wise, doesn’t mean that you are worthless and shouldn’t put effort into your […]

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Off plan

I’ve been in Scotland visiting family and sticking on plan has been near on impossible, even with the best intentions. I’m at the point on my diet now though where an off plan meal or treat gives me the worst stomach ache. It puts me off cheating too much, which is good! The only thing […]

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