Mum work out

My back has been really aching this week so I haven’t really felt like running. It’s so important to watch your posture, especially when tired with a little one, you naturally slump forward when feeding. I have been putting effort in to remember to sit more upright and put a cushion under his head to bring him up higher. I have Annette from the village midwives coming to fix me next week and get me feeling less like a stiff ironing board!

I often envy the celebrities with their personal trainers and hours on end to spend solely on their body. How easy it must be? It got me thinking though, I spend most of my day with the tiny humans. One is two and a half stone and the other is about eleven pounds so why not encorperate them into my regime? Wilf is colicy so pacing is common of an evening, why not make it a “walk the plank” or “dip dip zip” from postnatal yoga?

George loves being superman so I will hold him and let him fly when he asks. He also loves riding on my feet so instead of waiting for him to ask, I will ask him to climb on for some leg curls (with perfect posture of course!) My mission this week is to find some more exercises that are child friendly.

Lastly I have decided to have at least one day a week where I do not sit down at all (other than lunch and bottle feeds) until tea time. My slimmest friends often only sit down in the evening.

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