Instagram is so inspiring right now with other bloggers and October goals. Normally I think it’s a really good month to crack on and make a big difference before party season. With 2 weeks of it in America though I am nervous about self sabotage so I thought I would set myself some October goals…

Lose something this week (after my heavy weekend literally would dance for joy at half a pound).

Push for a no count, low carb week next 2 weeks and aim for 3 off per week.

Find a weight watchers shop to weigh in in California towards the end of the first week and aim for any loss.

Have the wedding off plan but straight back on after and aim to come back lighter.

So I would like to see half a stone off this month and I think the only way is lower my carbs, up my veg and up the exercise. I am struggling with white carbs anyway so think my body will be glad of the break.

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