One life

I have a spring in my step this week as despite my bad weekend, I think I am on for a loss on Saturday morning. (Insert Smithy style “Yes” when Gavin joins in singing “do they know it’s Christmas”).

I have been snatching inspiration everywhere I possibly can. Eminem is my car cd (when impressionable George is absent) and he’s full of inspiration “you only get one shot…” etc. 😂. Also Instagram, success stories, ww magazine, my slim friends, the gorgeous autumn weather and literally anything to inspire me.

One of my favourite bloggers on Instagram @healthy_living_made_simple made a really good point about food this week. Not directly quoting here and a lot less eloquent but the gist was; don’t waste the calories having a cheat meal somewhere rubbish. Save your favourite dish for somewhere that does it to perfection. Why have a mediocre high calorie meal? This has really resonated with me. I often cave when eating out and skip by the salad section for a carb induced coma. It is a real rarity that I think it was worth blowing the diet for and more often than not I have severe stomach ache all night, along with pangs of food guilt and sadness that I can’t jump out of bed onto the scales, knowing they will be lower.

In some ways I am really mad with myself for letting myself get “fat” and wasting most of my twenties either depressed about it or on a diet with short term losses. Why couldn’t I get it off long term? Self loathing clearly hasn’t helped though so I call time on negativity. The big 3-0 looms large in April 2018 and I really want to wear a size 10 dress with a smug grin that I’ve finally lost the weight for good.

I leave you with some lyrics from “lose yourself” by Eminem 😂 and a link to that Smithy scene!

If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture
Or just let it slip?

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