Weigh in

So today was my new weigh day of a Saturday, just over a week since I last weighed in. I am over the moon with 3 off. I think my body has fully got the memo we are in weight loss mode and it’s really clicked. I am really enjoying the freedom of a Saturday that’s relaxed, knowing I can get straight back on it Sunday morning and still get a decent loss. I think for me it’s the only way I will stick at a diet, especially given all the socials coming up at this time of year.

This week the carbs have been dramatically lowered following the “no count” part of the plan as much as possible. I also have cut down on snacking and for a sweet fix I am only having 0% yoghurt with fruit syrup. With it all being in the mind, I’m also not adverse to the odd slimfast shake to reign myself in. Shock horror 🙈😂, but find something that works for you and grasp it with both hands! A chocolate made up shake is 8 smart points so some might say a big waste of points if counting. (Shows the flexibility of the plan though as you can do that and stay in your points and lose.) A big thank you to my friend Kate for making a weight watchers cake at the children’s playdate this week. A midweek treat on plan, really thoughtful!

I am determined to get 2 off next Saturday as it will put me in the next stone bracket. (A slightly more lady sounding number too!)

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