My make up delivery came today and I can’t wait to get glammed up for no reason later. I think it’s so important on a diet to look for joy elsewhere and just because you aren’t where you want to be goal wise, doesn’t mean that you are worthless and shouldn’t put effort into your appearance.

We are by far our harshest critic as I personally do not look at a pretty girl who isn’t a size 10 and think, shame she’s not thinner as then she would be pretty. I was told of a blogger who said that her slightly podgy belly had never stopped her from doing anything but worrying about it had, how true! Why are we so worried about judgement from others?

I am desperately trying to pull back from the bad weekend so eating green and lean until my new weigh day- Saturday morning. If I can continue my 1.5 loss a week, I would be 18 down by Christmas which would make a big difference to my self confidence and a dent in the total to go! In the meantime though I am all about self love and positivity. There’s so much negativity in the world, you don’t need it from yourself too.

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