Smashing goals

So I have been lazy with my step goal and lazy with my water intake. Fresh start Monday means it was time to ramp it up so I set myself mini goals. I wanted to get 10,000 steps before 4pm and drink 2 litres of water in that time too. It really worked well as […]

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Weigh in

Slight delay but -2.5. I will take that! I was off plan for the rest of the day yesterday so feel a bit sluggish today! Meal and exercise plan for the week ahead to be completed later 🏋️‍♂️.

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The day before

How can it be Friday again already? Mental! I always feel a bit reflective on a Friday, could I have done more for weigh in tomorrow, or more importantly should I? I know I am not drinking enough, I can’t seem to get myself back in the habit. I think not being at work makes […]

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Hump day (midweek(!))

I finally had Christmas off on my scales this morning, so I have everything crossed for a decent loss on Saturday morning. We got back from an appointment so tired this evening with nothing in the fridge so a dominos was ordered.  Normally I would be writing this stuffed to the brim and feeling vile. […]

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I didn’t blog yesterday as we are all so sniffly, a picture of the trashed playroom I didn’t have the energy to tidy, seemed like a boring read 😂. I did struggle a little with food yesterday. I wasn’t prepped and had a 15lb baby in my arms pretty much all day.  No excuse but […]

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When I started writing it was a little something for me to keep me focused, researching and on plan. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I do and find myself writing about all manner of things. For me it has made me so much more in the moment and been such a […]

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Weigh Day

So that is food optimising 100% Monday-Friday. Am I a little disappointed? Yes! I really wanted a decent chunk of Christmas off but it is a loss regardless. My body has always been a bit slow on the uptake so I’m sure some of the rubbish I ate over Christmas was still going on this […]

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Anna Barnes

I love an uplifting book and stumbled across some Anna Barnes in my local Works bookshop. I bought “How to be Mindful” and defy anyone able to flick through it and not feel a warm sensation of calm and happiness. Each page is beautifully illustrated and it helps you become more aware of mindfulness and […]

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Quiet rainy Thursday

A quiet Thursday allows for some food planning and a hot cup of tea. Well that was the idea anyway, Wilf  had a different vision for our shopping trip, with 10 minute power naps over his usual 2 hours and projectile vomit in the shop 🤦‍♂️. I feel like I am walking like John Wayne […]

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21 days

I came across this yesterday from the healthy living Facebook page. That’s only 3 weeks. How easy does that sound? Challenge accepted, Barney style. 21 days of 100 percent on plan, 10,000 steps and as many work outs as I can manage. I also did a bit of reading about sugar. I definitely have an […]

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