I didn’t blog yesterday as we are all so sniffly, a picture of the trashed playroom I didn’t have the energy to tidy, seemed like a boring read 😂. I did struggle a little with food yesterday. I wasn’t prepped and had a 15lb baby in my arms pretty much all day.  No excuse but thankfully the scales haven’t gone up so hoping I wasn’t that bad. Just a bit picky. Did make me shocked to think about carrying my extra weight before though! Mental! I also stuck to my no chocolate January, despite penguin biscuits winking at me.

I have upgraded my Fitbit (swapped with my husband!) so I am loving the screen as at a glance you can see so much. More and more friends and family members have them and discounting yesterday, I have paced the living room extensively to either hit 10,000 or attempt to beat someone. I’m a long way behind my brothers and my bestie but it’s all worth reaching for as who knows, one day maybe I’ll beat them! If you are on the fence about getting one and you know lots of people with one, I would say go for it!

So I will reach 10,000 today and not pick at food unless I’m actually starving.


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