Hump day (midweek(!))

I finally had Christmas off on my scales this morning, so I have everything crossed for a decent loss on Saturday morning. We got back from an appointment so tired this evening with nothing in the fridge so a dominos was ordered.  Normally I would be writing this stuffed to the brim and feeling vile. So I decided to tackle it with food optimising for the first time. Yes it was over syns for sure but I had a plate full of spinach and ate a couple of slices with a knife and fork to make it last longer. For me it has to be a lifestyle change not a diet so there is no guilt here. 🙋🏻‍♀️

I am the queen of plans, lists, idea boards etc and sometimes think if I put half as much effort into sticking to diets and generally life as I do the planning, I would be a size 8 for sure. Tonight’s plan worked out I have 26 weeks until I want to be at goal. So 1.5 lb a week has been set. I desperately want to be at goal before that particular date but HAVE to smash it for the summer.

10,000 has slipped. Sitting in a car for valuable stepping tune hasn’t helped so back with a bang tomorrow.  I’ll need to be in top shape for the peaky bar trip hey girls? Tommy will be there right?


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