The day before

How can it be Friday again already? Mental! I always feel a bit reflective on a Friday, could I have done more for weigh in tomorrow, or more importantly should I? I know I am not drinking enough, I can’t seem to get myself back in the habit. I think not being at work makes a big difference as it’s easy to keep sipping at your desk.

I had PT this morning which seemed harder than normal, I think because I’ve done nothing all week exercise wise. I’m not being too hard on myself though as we have all been poorly and when you have been up 3/4 times with kids in the night, sometimes for an hour at a time, it takes serious discipline not to turn the 6am alarm clock off. I am however going to try and stick to my 3 times a week sessions next week. I feel so much better in myself for going today, I think it clears your mind and for me, improves my posture for the day. Seems to open me out which is really great when you are hunched over with a baby most of the day.

So what will be will be on the scales tomorrow!

If you see a post being shared about Holly Butcher, read it. It’s such a gorgeous piece of writing written knowing she was dying. Holly gave it to family to post after she had gone and it so puts your life into perspective.


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