Quiet rainy Thursday

A quiet Thursday allows for some food planning and a hot cup of tea. Well that was the idea anyway, Wilf  had a different vision for our shopping trip, with 10 minute power naps over his usual 2 hours and projectile vomit in the shop 🤦‍♂️.

I feel like I am walking like John Wayne after yesterday’s PT session. I get a strange kick out of the pain though as I know it means muscles are working hard and fat is burning 🏋️‍♂️. The scales are going down so I am really hoping a decent chunk of the December gain will be gone by Saturday.

The challenge will then truly begin as my body seems to have lowered its “fat weight” to around what I am now. I always think it takes a bit more effort to smash through the ceiling weight and get losses but once I have, I tend to find the weight comes off quite quickly.

I am being more mindful too and thinking of the journey a bit like a reverse finance deal. This week will hopefully see a decent deposit down, week by week a steady payment of weight loss until the goal is met and I own the body of my dreams outright!


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