Anna Barnes

I love an uplifting book and stumbled across some Anna Barnes in my local Works bookshop. I bought “How to be Mindful” and defy anyone able to flick through it and not feel a warm sensation of calm and happiness. Each page is beautifully illustrated and it helps you become more aware of mindfulness and how you can get it into your daily routine.

I have watched “The zookeepers wife” this afternoon with a grizzly Wilfred and it’s such a beautiful film. Make sure you have plenty of tissues though! After watching it, the page of Anna Barnes’ book I photographed below seemed even more poignant. We perhaps don’t appreciate how lucky we are enough.

Diet wise I have had another fabulous day so far. Unfortunately Mother Nature is waiting in the wings so I feel bloated and icky and really hoping it doesn’t scupper my weigh in tomorrow. It’s a long ball game though so even if it does it will show the week after.



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