21 days


I came across this yesterday from the healthy living Facebook page. That’s only 3 weeks. How easy does that sound? Challenge accepted, Barney style. 21 days of 100 percent on plan, 10,000 steps and as many work outs as I can manage.

I also did a bit of reading about sugar. I definitely have an addiction but was interested to read that in a trial, after only 2 days some people had got rid of cravings and most had after 5 days. How quick is that? I’m not in a situation to rid myself completely of sugar. It’s in basically everything ever. I am feeling good about no chocolate though and wonder if my addiction will also subside this month.

I had a really good PT session with Kellie this morning and know my arms will be jelly tomorrow 😂 🏋️‍♂️. There was a great buzz in the air and it was amazing to see the January resolutions in full swing with twice as many people in the gym! This week will be the first week I commit to the 3 sessions so with the PT I am 1/3.

As a healthy mind goes hand in hand with a healthy body, I am trying my absolute best to let things go, stop dwelling and worrying. Sometimes life is unfair and people are cruel. Let them live their lies and take solace in the fact you are at peace with your happy life with better things to do. Never drag people down, prop them up! As I also read, stupid people sadly exist as there is no longer anything to eat them in the food chain 😂.

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