How is it going?

So day two of January and I am feeling pumped and determined. My first PT of the year is in the morning and I literally cannot wait to get fitter and fitter this year.

I think the idea of “if you change nothing, nothing changes” is my mantra for January. I’ve not got rid of anywhere near as much weight as I had hoped by this point, but it is going in the right direction.

Having assessed my dieting journey, I knew something about January had to be different so I have given up Chocolate for the month. If it goes well I will keep extending this. I literally LOVE chocolate. It can’t be in the house normally as I will hoover it. By taking away the possibility of chocolate for the month, I feel strangely liberated and free. Half a twix sits on the kitchen side and it can remain there until someone else eats it. Normally, if I was being good, that half eaten twix would be all I could think about until I justify why I can eat it. Not today, no siree bob.

The Fitbit is firmly back on too and I am making myself do 10,000 a day, even if it means pacing the living room of an evening!


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