Smashing goals

So I have been lazy with my step goal and lazy with my water intake. Fresh start Monday means it was time to ramp it up so I set myself mini goals. I wanted to get 10,000 steps before 4pm and drink 2 litres of water in that time too.

It really worked well as I was against the clock and put a real effort in to meet both targets! It’s great to have smashed it so early as it means any steps I do this evening are a billy bonus on top!

I am having a back to basics food week too in the hope for a really big loss on Saturday. I want to drop below the lowest weight since having Wilf as for some reason I am finding it really hard to achieve this. Guess my body has got comfortable at this kind of weight. I’m sure it will all be a bit easier if I can dip below.

Positive mind anyway for a positive weight loss!


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