Positive attitude, cleanse the negative nellies

So Monday was supposedly Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year with the most suicides etc. Cheery eh? It really got me thinking though about the importance of a positive mental attitude for your life and ultimately health. As we know, a diet or life style change is successful if your mind is in it. Failing if you only put half the effort in and go into it already knowing you will ultimately fail.

How often does someone else’s negative attitude or vibe bring you down? I sometimes feel so positive about the week ahead, spend half an hour with a negative nelly and come away feeling low and nowhere near as positive. Sometimes even the thought of a NN from my past and their attitude can change my outlook. How stupid is that? So I say no to that.

Have a Facebook cleanse, you don’t need the negativity in your life. If they are a dick, they might notice but who cares? A grown up moaning they’ve been deleted on social media clearly needs a better outlook on life, or a life in general 😂.

I am fully in the zone this week, my daily weigh obsession is back. I know it’s not healthy but if it keeps me going, I don’t mind. PT was great this morning too. It was possibly the hardest so far but I really enjoyed it. I am finding the plank is getting a bit easier each week too!

I purchased another Anna Barnes book which is just as delightful as the other one I bought. Go buy it, it makes you feel warm, fuzzy and positive!


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