In the words of my three year old, I’ve had a very sitty-downy kind of day! Lots of coffee and lunch out so not much pacing! It would have been so easy to continue this theme and collapse on the sofa watching paw patrol before bedtime. (Bedtime for  my children, not me, I hate it 😂. Still cannot work out for the life of me why or how a thirteen year old boy can afford the set up he’s got. Where are the parents?) Anyway, I promised I would reach my 10,000 a day so I’m currently pacing 6000 steps out in the dining room, being chased on and off by an energetic three year old on a balance bike 🙈.

I figured I may as well blog while I pace so currently have 2000 left! My food has been really good this week but my body still doesn’t want to dip to its lowest weight since Wilf. I’m starting to get frustrated, especially when my brother, who had less to lose than me, has already lost 17lb this month. He’s done brilliantly so I am not doing him down, just ruddy jealous 😂. I will battle on as any progress is progress!

Hope everyone is having a great week. My legs are stiff so know I worked hard yesterday with Kellie 🏋️‍♂️.


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