The look of love 💕

So PT two days in a row with yoga thrown in has broken me. Pushing the double pram up the bridge home felt like I was on SAS, he who dares wins 😂. No pain no gain though right? I’m definitely in the all or nothing camp when it comes to exercise so aiming for […]

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Tuesday essay 😂

I am having a busy week but not overly active so struggling to fit all my steps in, a lost bank card has also annoyed me, what an idiot. 🤦‍♂️ I was really pleased with myself as I remained on plan all weekend and a naughty weigh in on “the sad step” as Joe Wicks […]

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21 days

I came across this yesterday from the healthy living Facebook page. That’s only 3 weeks. How easy does that sound? Challenge accepted, Barney style. 21 days of 100 percent on plan, 10,000 steps and as many work outs as I can manage. I also did a bit of reading about sugar. I definitely have an […]

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Well that’s another Christmas over and another year I’ve eaten to excess and made myself feel ill! 🤦‍♂️ I feel vile but I have drawn a line in the sand and I am fully ready to be back on it tomorrow. It’s really not long until the big 3-0 so I need to stop messing […]

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I really enjoyed my PT yesterday morning  and took the plunge and fully joined the gym to ramp up my exercise from January. 3 pre 7am workouts per week. 🏋️‍♂️ Looking forward to it in a weird way! Why not be the best version of yourself? i can really feel it in my legs today. […]

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Illness everywhere

This time of year is the worst for children being poorly. We literally get over one cold and fall into the next one. Aaaah! It has meant I haven’t been as active as I would have liked but my food has generally been on plan so at least I’m in control of something. (The twirls […]

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I love starting fresh on a Monday. I dread to think how many Monday’s I’ve started again on, eeek.  I’m fully into my speed and protein day though with eggs and bacon for breakfast and chicken and ham concoction for lunch. Meat and lots of veg for tea and I know I will feel better […]

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Positive vibes only

I’m prepared for a hard grueling week of food optimising! I’ve had a look through both books and can do a diet similar to both now with the ww changes so I have the slimming world magazine for some recipes too now. I’ve written a plan for the week and plan to have 3 full […]

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Oh what a beautiful morning

There are certainly worse places to sit with a hangover than a balcony over looking Rutland Water. A mug of tea after a hot bath and I think I might be winning. Thanks Hannah for the bath suggestion I’ve never thought to have one hungover to help hydrate. I was completely off plan last night […]

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Rain rain go away.

This weather is making me miserable. Hardly very Christmassy 😂. A walk round the shops over nature sadly as I don’t feel like getting soggy and have an issue with rain covers, can never get it to fit right so it ends up flapping all over the place.  I’ve started the day with two weetabix […]

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