Rain rain go away.

This weather is making me miserable. Hardly very Christmassy 😂. A walk round the shops over nature sadly as I don’t feel like getting soggy and have an issue with rain covers, can never get it to fit right so it ends up flapping all over the place. 

I’ve started the day with two weetabix topped with a bit of fruit syrup. Lunch is a scrummy prawn or ham salad at Pete’s. (Spalding lifestyle.) So if I pick a suitably low carb tea today should be a good day. We don’t have anything bad in the house as Linda can’t be trusted and I’m really glad of it this week. Old TOTM means I literally want to eat 25 chocolate bars topped off with a tub of icecream. 0% Greek yoghurt with fruit syrup doesn’t quite have the same punch but it’s a good sweet treat.  

My night out tomorrow has got me in a conundrum about what to do with my hair. It’s desperately in need of a cut (next week whoop, 3 hours of child free bliss!) So do I YouTube and attempt a funky updo, straighten it (hope the weather stays ok so it doesn’t frizz out) or attempt some natural curls to tame my wild hair with the GHDs? Had I been more organised I would have booked in and had it dealt with 😂.

Peaky was brilliant as ever. Polly you dog! 

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