Work outs 

I was feeling tired and meh after our “relaxing” day at home. After being woken at 6am, by 3pm I was totally ready for bed and fully regretting the decision to have a day at home 😂🙈. Some of my family members and myself have started a little gym club at home and it was our first session last night. 30 minutes flew by on the cross trainer as we were busy nattering so I think it’s going to really help us all. Some weights topped it off and I felt so much better afterwards.

The blue dress has its first outing on Friday so I treated myself to some “skinny tan” in the black Friday madness. I went for the oil one and it came in a pack with all sorts. The roller was amazing so I am hoping it will be a nice shade when it develops and won’t be too much 😂. This is when I might regret a busy end of the week but I figured it has to be tested before Friday!

I need to have a little plan tweak over the weekend too as I can feel myself getting bored of chicken and pulses already at only 3 weeks in. As a diet queen, I’ve tried them all so think it’s time I have a dabble with my own version and still go and get weighed on a Saturday morning so I have the accountability. I totally get the flex plan, why it works, what to eat etc but in some respects feel like it’s a more restrictive version of slimming world, in a bad way.  I can portion control and feel my stomach has shrunk as I don’t eat as much as I used to so we will see. I think a third of a plate of speed food or free veg is a good idea for any diet so that will definitely be instilled. It’s disappointing as I love weight watchers and was getting on well with smart points. I thought I’d love flex as it seemed quite liberating to have more free food but so far I’ve not fully clicked and feel a little deprived at times especially when it comes to the carb element. I’ve been trying to keep my daily points low so maybe I need to forget rolling and just stick to my full dailies. I’ll keep going to ww class and have a few tweaks and see how the scales react.

Happy Peaky Wednesday whoop! 

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