Plodding along 

Feeling ok today, not setting the world alight with my dieting perfection but plodding along nicely. I’ve not had a chance to weigh without a baby in my arms so I will trust the food is doing its job. I know I need to drink more water so will make an effort today 🙈.

I got the ‘eat out’ book last week and have been a bit miserable flicking through as lots of my favourite places to eat the points are still really high. I really need to find a Nando’s when out and about though as that is fantastic! Chicken double pitta is just 5 smart points! I’ve never loved their chips so I would happily have that with a salad. It’s scary reading though as there’s an m & s salad for 17 points! It sounds healthy too so if I was at a service station and not able to scan with my hands full, I could potentially self sabotage without meaning to! Literally a McDonald’s would be better on points 🙈.

I have a full day of nothing today which is the first and last in a long time. I am hoping to plan some epic meals to keep me going over the next few weeks. I also got one of the older Joe Wicks DVD’s so hoping to give that a go. Really want to build my fitness so I can get running further and attending pad fit. 

I am thinking if I get through December with losses, 2018 is my year for sure to reach goal and stay there. If you can diet in December you can diet anytime! The next stone to get off really will make such a big difference to how I feel, look and my motivation so got to keep cracking on with it! This diet quote really helped this morning, I feel like I’ve not lost as much as I want to but I am below pre-pregnancy weight. So now to shift the few happily married stones that crept on before babies 😂. I am feeling determined on this bleak Tuesday, who’s with me?

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