Fitness buddy

Who doesn’t love a good gym session with a friend. Today was the first time in years that I met a friend at the gym and she took me through an amazing circuit of weights and exercises. The time just flew by and I’m sure I worked a lot harder than I normally would so […]

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Women for women

I took a photo of a page in my book “The Goddess Revolution” to share today as it’s so true. I think we all are guilty of feeling the competition and comparison at times. I tend now though to find out how someone has done something. If they have great abs, ask what gym sessions […]

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The look of love 💕

So PT two days in a row with yoga thrown in has broken me. Pushing the double pram up the bridge home felt like I was on SAS, he who dares wins 😂. No pain no gain though right? I’m definitely in the all or nothing camp when it comes to exercise so aiming for […]

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Over eater

So as I type this with my achy kettlebell arms, I feel bad for overeating today. Pancakes got the better of me and I feel like a failure, especially after such a good PT session. Time to stop wallowing though and get back cracking. Luckily I know all my meals were on point thanks to […]

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Do it, see it, believe it.

I love a reflective Monday to get you pumped up for the week ahead. I lost 2lb last week so that makes it 6 in the last 2 weeks. This week feels a bit bittersweet as I have two PT sessions booked in but they are my last two with Kellie. It’s made me quite […]

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Tuesday essay 😂

I am having a busy week but not overly active so struggling to fit all my steps in, a lost bank card has also annoyed me, what an idiot. 🤦‍♂️ I was really pleased with myself as I remained on plan all weekend and a naughty weigh in on “the sad step” as Joe Wicks […]

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Eat right, feel good

One of those mad days today so thought I’d grab my lunch and scoff it in the car before softplay. It’s so good, morrocan chicken cous cous 😍. I want to get my order in for next weeks nude food but going to struggle what to pick as it’s all so amazing! I’ve had a […]

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I have redone my ABC fitness and typed it up with words for most of the month. I found last week that with the random words, some days were so much harder than others and I cannot stand burpees but felt like it was every other letter 😂. I have just done tonight’s “colour” and […]

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Sunday 🤮

We have a poorly Wilf with a sickness bug so all on tenterhooks waiting to see if it spreads through the family like wildfire. So horrible when you can’t do anything to help the little fellow. Fingers crossed he’s through the worst of it. Poor Granny got the worst of him Friday night 🤦‍♂️. I […]

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Today’s word was a bit kinder but tomorrow’s fitness word is quite hardcore if I remember rightly, it has 9 letters in it so 18 total 🙈. Didn’t really think it through as tomorrow is also PT day so I will be dead 😂. If anyone is looking to add more exercise into their day, […]

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