Over eater

So as I type this with my achy kettlebell arms, I feel bad for overeating today. Pancakes got the better of me and I feel like a failure, especially after such a good PT session. Time to stop wallowing though and get back cracking. Luckily I know all my meals were on point thanks to nude food so I will just make sure I only eat that tomorrow and I’m sure my food guilt will fade. I have PT again in the morning for my last session, waaaah! So this can be a firm line in the sand to move forward from.

When I have an off day I find it really hard not to feel like I’ve put all my excess weight back on. Does anyone else feel that way? It’s probably the bloat talking but it’s so hard to remember how far you have come. Perhaps in a way it’s a good thing as my bad days are definitely few and far between these days.

So I will train harder, drink more water and get out of this house tomorrow even if it’s just a brisk walk somewhere. It’s high time we all had some fresh air and I’m sure I wouldn’t have eaten as much had we not been stuck at home. Chocolate is also banished for lent 🍫.

5.30 alarm is set, Wednesday is my new fresh start Monday. 🏋️‍♂️


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