Do it, see it, believe it.

I love a reflective Monday to get you pumped up for the week ahead. I lost 2lb last week so that makes it 6 in the last 2 weeks. This week feels a bit bittersweet as I have two PT sessions booked in but they are my last two with Kellie. It’s made me quite sad really as I have loved our sessions but from the other side of things, really love nude food so it’s good for me too that Kellie is leaving to concentrate on that. I just can’t imagine having the same experience with another PT! We are going to put together a fitness programme so I guess initially I will just increase my solo sessions and get booked in for some classes at Definitions. Spinnin’ here I come 😬!

With poorly children there is only so much tv I can stand so I have started to read James Haskell’s Perfect Fit book. It seems fairly hardcore but I think my brother and I will get cracking with some outdoor hiit sessions in the spring. I like so far that it’s aimed at everyone, he’s put it in a way we can all understand. Georgie was mostly interested in all the pictures. He is keen to start his rugby career at the age of 3 😂.

My aim this week is to be bigger than my excuses. Exercise in one form or another everyday despite the lack of sleep and 100% on plan with food, loads of water and lots of steps and activity. I can’t see the sleep patterns of my 6 month old improving anytime soon so I need to find a balance and realise that exercise will help my mood and outlook anyway. Negative nellies will be banished and I will stop worrying so much as it’s the biggest waste of time and biggest mood zapper!


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