I’ve had a good week food wise, not done as much exercise as I would have liked but there is always next week 🏋️‍♂️. I think my body shape is starting to change which is always a really good incentive to keep cracking on. I have some light reading to do, James Haskell’s Perfect Fit and also Macros for dummies 😂. I really want to make an effort to read them but find it so hard as really it’s evenings only and my eyes get heavy 🤦‍♂️. I’m enjoying my food journey at the moment and researching foods that fuel your body the most effectively. Getting my geek on 🤓.

I thought it was high time for some reflection on how far I’ve come, some short term and some long term goals. Some scale related, some not. I love writing things in my diary, my only hatred being my messy handwriting so it never looks neat and tidy like Emma’s 😂.

Success to be proud of so far…

I shifted my extra Wilfred pounds before he was 6 months old so now just have the Georgie pounds and honeymoon pounds to go 😂. (I put a stone on in two weeks?! 🙈) It will be all off by his first birthday 🏋️‍♂️.

I am getting stronger and fitter every week and can run a bit without worrying about peeing. #mumproblems.

short term goals-

lose 5 more pounds to be the lowest weight since having both children.

Build my upper body strength and get to a point where planking gets longer and steadier.

Strengthen my core and start toning.

long term goals-

lose 24lb by April/May. This won’t get me at goal but will get me to a point of comfort for my 30th birthday and Peaky party 🎉.

Run 10k.

Get confident in the scary weights room so I can really start toning.

Weight reflection…

Pounds down since Wilf in July – 26

Pounds down since Georgie- 46

Pounds to go – 30 ish.

February will be fabulous 💃.





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