I have redone my ABC fitness and typed it up with words for most of the month. I found last week that with the random words, some days were so much harder than others and I cannot stand burpees but felt like it was every other letter 😂.

I have just done tonight’s “colour” and found it easier to extend each letter and double it rather than run it through and then run it through  again. The 4 minute wall sit at the end was killer though! Especially as I was in my socks on a parquet floor. Idiot 😂.

I am currently pacing out my remaining 4 thousand steps of the day. Sicky children has left me lacking in steps unfortunately!

I really enjoyed reading women’s health this month and an article struck quite a chord. A lady who had amazing abs said she had not actually worked specifically on her abs, instead she has engaged her core during every exercise, every walk and generally the day in general. To get such amazing results really makes you think and I have been trying to engage as much as I can today.

Today is my first day of “nude food” and it is so tasty it’s unbelievable. It’s bascially as if you have a chef following you around in your kitchen, making you balanced meals! I’ve not yet had my tea but the breakfast and lunch has filled me up a treat and I’ve not really thought about food all day. I also feel like I have much more energy than normal and it has really made me realise that even though I’ve been on plan, I snack on protein way too much. I don’t need snacks between meals if it’s the right meals! If you are local to the area I would highly recommend a food package if you are struggling.



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