Eat right, feel good

One of those mad days today so thought I’d grab my lunch and scoff it in the car before softplay. It’s so good, morrocan chicken cous cous 😍. I want to get my order in for next weeks nude food but going to struggle what to pick as it’s all so amazing! I’ve had a sneaky weigh in and think I’m currently about 3 lb down so it definitely shows I’ve been overeating even if it’s all on plan. I feel really energised which is rare on 5 hours sleep 😂.

I’m still reading the goddess revolution book and after eating well this week, can totally see what she means about giving your body what it needs to reduce cravings for junk. Today I didn’t feel like eating the leftover chocolate cake. I literally think this has never happened in my life. I’m not saying I never will again but I will take that small victory today 😂.




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