Women for women

I took a photo of a page in my book “The Goddess Revolution” to share today as it’s so true. I think we all are guilty of feeling the competition and comparison at times. I tend now though to find out how someone has done something. If they have great abs, ask what gym sessions they do. If they have amazing arms, get the details. You don’t need to be jealous, you are more than capable of achieving it too with some hard graft. As my brother pointed out the other day, it’s all there underneath for everyone! Sadly some people let competition and disappointment ruin their happiness and ultimately their life. Talking therapy might be the way forward for that first 😂.

I think I am having a rest day today. Not sure though as I’ve done 3/5 weekly workouts so far since Wednesday so ideally need a rest day over the weekend. It’s hard though as the weekends are the best time to get cracking with childcare so I might head to the gym for a bit of a session later!

What have I been eating? Some really different things so far actually. Joe Wicks certainly brings a lot of variety and a HUGE amount of eggs per recipe 😂. They are heroes in a hard shell after all! Last night I had a crab burger, in a bun with sweet potato chips, was really delicious! The idea is one carb heavy meal after your workout and two reduced carb meals with two snacks a day. The workouts are challenging but the beauty of hiit is that it’s over so quickly you can grit your teeth and get through it no matter how hard. If you are looking for a boost I really would recommend the 90 day Joe Wicks SSS plan.


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