Today’s word was a bit kinder but tomorrow’s fitness word is quite hardcore if I remember rightly, it has 9 letters in it so 18 total 🙈. Didn’t really think it through as tomorrow is also PT day so I will be dead 😂. If anyone is looking to add more exercise into their day, I totally recommend it. In under 10 minutes you can do a decent little workout. Ok it won’t move mountains but for me it’s just added a daily element in which I can now build on! You need to start somewhere.

My weight still isn’t shifting below my fat comfortable weight. I have had a really lean couple of weeks (apart from last night’s pizza) so I am getting a bit pig sick of it now. The book I am reading, “The Goddess Revolution” says I should throw the scales out, get off a “diet” and tune into my body to nourish it and feed it what it wants and needs. I completely get the principal but as a dieter from the age of about 14, it’s so hard to do this as I am so scared the inner fatty will take over my life and I will go nuts. Mel promises this won’t be the case and it will be life changing! To a certain extent I completely agree, diets don’t really work as such as it has to be a life style change to work in the long run. However, if you commit to whatever diet you like best, this can be your lifestyle change. I do really agree with her chapter on “cheat meals” and totally recommend the book for anyone feeling in a rut.

In light of my low mood about my weight sticking, I am doing a “nude food” week next week. We are so lucky to have this local business in Spalding. All my meals for 5/7 days will be catered for, calories and health taken into account and delivered to my door. How Kardashian is that? If it goes well, I am really hoping a few months of it will make all the difference and make me learn so much about fuel for fitness and weight loss. I plan to do a lot of nutrition research and really pick foods that will do me a lot of good and reach for them first.



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