Pump it up

The alphabet exercise I shared yesterday got me thinking how it might be an easy way to increase my daily exercise and improve my overall strength. So last night I sat down and put my own achievable exercises next to letters of the alphabet and decided to pick a random word for each day. Today’s word is “fitness” so I have 30 squats, 20 kettle bell swings, 20 sit ups, 20 second fast boxing on the spot, 10 burpees and 20 second sprint on the spot x 2. I will do it once through and see how dead I am and aim to do it again! The plan is to keep going with it each day until I feel it starts to get easier, I will then redo the alphabet and make it a bit harder. I have picked the words for the rest of the week, some long, some short and tried to use some different letters 😂. I don’t know what things are called always so written it down so I know what I mean 😂.

My food shop has been ruled by who can deliver halo top ice cream so today’s attempt is with Ocado. I have no doubt it will arrive, already been told no substitutes too whoop! (Just will need a mortgage to pay for it each week 😂) I’ve also screenshot a valuable read about fat cells!




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