World mental health day

My newsfeed is lit up with some amazing posts and personal accounts about mental health, how we need to all be more accountable for each other’s health but also really importantly our own. We are the only ones that live inside our mind so we need to get really in-tune. Recognising our triggers, reaching out […]

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September, guilt is in the air.

September used to mean shiny shoes to break in and a spangly new pencil case full of sharp pencils of promise and Berol handwriting pens, so much cooler with the click down lid and pocket slider, had to be blue not black. The smell of new books and the butterflies of self-doubt and trepidation for […]

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Body Confidence

How many times have you clocked a beautiful girl, probably “bigger” than you and just thought wow, she looks amazing. I would bet a lot of money that her body confidence and heightened sense of self worth has made her look that bit more attractive than you feel you are. I am such a slave […]

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Wedding nostalgia

One of my best friends gets married later this year, it’s a special fairy tale ending so I am extremely excited and all things wedding got me a bit nostalgic for my own wedding, nearly six years ago. Watching the home movie the other day I realised quite how different life is now and tried […]

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I can’t believe that in 2019 bullying appears to be at it’s greatest level to date digitally. I can only assume that people forget that typing a tirade of abuse from their living room is real life and actually hurts the people its aimed at? Celebrities and journalists with a platform seems to be the […]

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First school year

As we hurtle towards September at a tremendous speed I find myself reflecting on my little boy’s first year at school. This time last year I remember looking at his little face and having a tear imagining the full five days a week he would no longer be in my care. Night after night I’d […]

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I have never been able to come to terms with the idea of death. I am not an atheist but also not particularly religious so have confusions over my version of the afterlife.  I recently read Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I know about Love’, and though not a major plot-line, a brief thought discussed the amazement […]

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Mum Guilt

Mum guilt. It feels like the worst guilt ever and is something we are all prone to. I feel fortunate to be able to be a “stay at home mother”, or “SAHM” for the worst abbreviation ever, but still feel the guilt. This morning Wilfred counted to ten, only missing the number five. With his […]

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Miscarriage, what a sh*t word

Writing is a great outlet for your thoughts and emotions, and I think it is important to feel the feels when something happens to you. If you don’t allow yourself the time to reflect and hurt, your mental health may well suffer later down the line. Your mind might process the event without you even […]

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January hump

I kind of feel like we have reached the January hump, mid week vibe to the month. The resolutions and healthy eating is in full force but I can’t help but daydream longingly back to the chocolate for breakfast, Chinese for tea days of the Christmas break. Don’t get me wrong, my clothes are saying […]

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