World mental health day

My newsfeed is lit up with some amazing posts and personal accounts about mental health, how we need to all be more accountable for each other’s health but also really importantly our own. We are the only ones that live inside our mind so we need to get really in-tune. Recognising our triggers, reaching out for help when we need it, taking time for ourselves, admitting when we are sinking and failing at times regardless of any stigma.

But by tomorrow, is it yesterday’s news? How can we really make the awareness days have a far reaching impact on society? I don’t have any answers right now on making it better (annoyingly) and a day of awareness is surely better than no days. I do worry however that it can have negative connotations, we make sure everyone is ok today but perhaps will forget this time next month and is that harder for someone struggling? Are we as a society a bit programmed to be interested while it’s at its height in the media, making ourselves feel better for caring, then conveniently forget it again when it’s back out of the narrative?

For now I am going to keep going as I am, aware the amount of work I have to fit in is a tad overwhelming and recognising a few potential triggers for anxiety and panic attacks but welcoming them in. Sometimes we hide behind a strong persona in an attempt to trick our mind and body into being fine when we aren’t really. Unsurprisingly this rarely works but I think it is also important to recognise mental health as a massive umbrella term. Sometimes only aware of it when our own is failing us and at that point putting measures in place to overcome hurdles and obstacles in our mind. The truth is though, we all need to look after our mental health as much as we look after our physical health. We can only run on empty for so long and if we are fully aware of our own mind and how to look after it, we might never get to breaking point. If that means sparkly pink nails, a hot bath, a walk, a dance or a friend, go for it.

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