January hump

I kind of feel like we have reached the January hump, mid week vibe to the month. The resolutions and healthy eating is in full force but I can’t help but daydream longingly back to the chocolate for breakfast, Chinese for tea days of the Christmas break. Don’t get me wrong, my clothes are saying “a salad, thank god girl.” I am not weighing myself as much but have managed to shift 4lb of the Christmas bulge so far which I’ll take.

My outdoorsy resolution is proving to be my favourite so far. I really don’t think you can beat a walk on the river bank in crisp air. It clears your mind and soul and I think it’s amazing how quickly it can improve your fitness. I plan to walk off some weight before building up to running. I definitely feel too elephant to run yet but it will come. It has been really lovely to take our other dog out everyday and bond with her. Dot has taken losing her friend quite hard, as we all have.

If you, like me, are feeling mega unfit, get yourself out for a walk and let that be the goal initially. I’ve found listening to music makes my pace almost double. Today’s gem was the “Hamilton” soundtrack. Literally the best walking music but it’s hard to resist the urge to burst into song along with it. Not sure Spalding is ready for my talents yet 😜.

Monday was a really rough day. I had George at his swimming lesson while my husband was at the vets. I don’t think I quite appreciated how much of an impact it would have on George. He sobbed his whole swimming lesson which is very unlike him. We then had to have an in-depth conversation on the logistics of getting to heaven. “But how?” “what is a soul?” “Can you see the soul go up?” I really wish we retained the direct thinking and innocence into adulthood, the world would certainly be a nicer place.

So this week I plan to keep closing my watch rings and aiming to get my steps up day by day. Music in my ears when I have no children with me. (Maybe a bit antisocial to stick my ears in with them.)

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