Nearly the end of the first week

As the Sunday night blues kick in, I thought it would be a good time to reflect as it’s nearly been a whole week of January! I still feel the aching “school tomorrow” sinking feeling like I am a child, it really used to kick in when the “Heartbeat” theme tune came on in the living room. It seemed to ring the end of the weekend bell. As a parent, the end of the Christmas holiday bell rings with gleaming excitement mixed in with a sprinkle of guilt for feeling that way. Of course I’ll miss him but watching him learn and grow day by day is fairly epic. (Less guilt now see? 🤣)

Since making the resolution board I do feel much more in control of my “journey” as it were. I can’t confess to ditching the scales completely but I think I have only weighed in twice. A drastic improvement and actually most of the Christmas extra timber does appear to be melting away nicely.

I have eaten much cleaner and it is paying off as I have much more energy, less bloat and just generally feel better in myself. I find it so hard to stay in the zone but once it clicks, you can’t imagine ever not being can you? I am eating carbohydrates, which seems strange and alien to my “dieting” ways but it’s nice to not rule out any “group”. The test really kicks in this week with George back to school and I might have a bit more time to myself. Not going to lie, I have thought about the local Chinese’s salt and pepper prawns a few times. 🤣

I have been very outdoorsy this week too in the countryside and at Leicester Tigers, major fitness envy! I have taken two baths (and numerous showers before you think I’m gross) and thoroughly enjoyed time to reflect and used some lovely Neal’s Yard bath oils. I’m going to use the calm app again too this week to recharge.

Sadly tomorrow might be the day we have our lovely Springer Spaniel put down. I think the cancer has spread to her lungs so it will he a very difficult time for us all, especially the 4 year old. Why it always has to get the best souls I’ll never know. Explaining the concept of death is so hard to children. George is fortunate to have not lost anyone significant in his life so perhaps starting with the dog is the best way to get him used to the idea, or as used to the idea as any of us can be. We thought we might get a memorial in the garden to help his understanding. Jessie, you will get a three legged springer pal to run around with up there and you couldn’t ask for a better friend.

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