New Year vision

Not at all cliche to pick up writing again 1st January but you know, New Years goals and all that jazz.

The lovely Alice has done a collage board to show her “resolutions” as such and I thought it was a great visual representation. I am going to print mine out and stick it on the fridge to get the positive vibes flowing.

In no particular order mine are as follows:

-No chocolate for the year. Drastic but I’m up for the challenge (I think!) Chocolate has always been my weakness, we can’t have it in any form in the house without it being consumed in its entirety or the subject of constant nagging in my thoughts.

-Health is going to be my theme. I’m so massively obsessed with weight and what the scales say. I weigh in at least once, if not twice a day and I don’t think it’s good at all for my mental health. So rather than obsess about numbers, my overall health gets the focus this year. If it’s not going to benefit my body or mind, it won’t be consumed. This will be followed as far as possible. Obviously treats will happen but I won’t beat myself up if I try and stick with in the 80-20 perimeters. It will be a lifestyle change and not an endless string of diets and “failures”.

-To facilitate the focus on health, I am going to attempt to be much more “outdoorsy.” We are blessed to live in such a great part of the country for walks and places like Belton, I’m going to use my legs a lot more and get us all out in the fresh air. I totally blame Wilfred for still not walking very much. He’s ruined so many suits outside with his bottom shuffling ways šŸ¤£.

-Positivity is also a major theme for the year. I think this says it perfectly… The Twits by Roald Dahl. ā€œA person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.ā€ I think it’s time to be selfish and if someone brings you down in a general mood-hoover way, they won’t be apart of my 2019.

-I felt so amazing when I focused on my wellness when pregnant with Wilfred. The hypnobirthing tools and exercises were so amazing for my mental health. It seems a shame to have let it all slip now I’m not pregnant, so I plan to take some time as often as possible to reflect and attempt some calming meditation. I’d like to say daily but it’s perhaps an impossibility šŸ¤£.

-Career change. This is a constant battle in my mind. At the age of 30 I still have no idea what I want to “do”. It can at times be quite a struggle as I would like to work again when the little ones are a bit older. Now would be the perfect time to retrain in something, if only I knew what? So this is the year I get some focus and put some steps in place to facilitate a career.

-Sweating the small things less is a big resolution. I am a massive worrier by nature (thanks Sharon šŸ¤£) but worrying is such a waste of time. It does nothing but create drama and negativity in your own mind. The stupid things I worry about rarely come to fruition. It’s the scary things that smack you in the face on a Tuesday afternoon that you hadn’t even considered šŸ™„.

-Family and friends will be a big part of my 2019. Spending time with favourites is such a mood uplifter so it will help with all my other goals. A problem shared is a problem halved šŸ˜œ.

-My final resolution is partly stemming from a horrible place. We know it’s nearly time to say goodbye to one of our gorgeous dogs. It’s going to be such a difficult time, especially for the boys who adore her. I therefore will focus a lot on our little Dot and make sure she’s a big part of my “outdoorsy” resolution with a daily walk and lots of attention. She’s a sensitive little soul so I think she will take it hard to lose her buddy.

-So there are my resolutions. I’m hoping to pick up blogging again too as I’ve missed an outlet for my ridiculous thoughts šŸ¤£. Happy New Year. I feel like I’ve said resolution too many times, it looks weird now šŸ¤£.

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