So I’ve not blogged in ages because I’ve not really been feeling particularly inspirational. I am on a strict calorie controlled diet which has helped me shift a further 1.5 stone since last blogging but I know for a lot of people, diets including shakes are the devil so I guess I’ve been feeling a bit ashamed somehow that this is how I’m choosing to shift my last few stone. It is silly because I think when you have been a bigger person, finding a diet that works for you is all that really matters, while you are losing weight you are getting healthier and decreasing risks of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes etc.

I am fully aware that once I “stop” with the restrictive diet, I am “likely” to put the weight back on and then some. However, this is not an option, it’s been a hard battle to get my weight down and I’ve learnt so much about exercise from some amazing friends, so I know when I get closer to goal, I will become a gym bunny and take loads of inspiration from them (Lauren, you won’t be able to get rid of me, I’ll be your little gym shadow 🤣). I also want to train to be a diet consultant for the brand so it’s another way of keeping me in check, I know I won’t be able to be a consultant if I’m fat again, so it will really help me stay at goal.

So I know the best way to lose weight is to eat leaner, cleaner and gym to create a calorie deficit. I am looking forward to getting back into that routine but for now my shake diet is helping me get closer to goal ready for my breast reduction surgery in July. Eeeek I am so excited, I am going to be able to run without having to strap them down to within an inch of their life 🤣. It really is going to open so many exercise doors and make so many things easier, even laying on your front in yoga is so hard.

So this is why I am quiet! I’m slowly plugging away at the weight loss and will be back blogging gorgeous food and work outs once I’m back in action following surgery!

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