I’m baaack

So I’ve not blogged in what feels like years. The thirtieth birthday has been in full swing for the last few weeks and the weight loss has taken a back seat. I never fully recovered from Easter so I find myself currently 5 lb heavier than pre Easter and Birthday. Lines have been drawn and I’m feeling on top of weight loss goals and plans 💪.

I have ramped my exercise up and try and do 2-3 Hiits per week with a daily 30 minute swim. This in turn will slow the weight loss down initially but I know it will even out and the whoosh effect will eventually take hold.

I’ve felt a bit all over the place with the food element so I am currently weighing in with weight watchers but having help with food prep from nude food for some of the plan. It’s been easy to encorperate the nude food into my daily allowance and I’ve not felt hungry which is fab. Realistically I’ve not “lost weight” since December, the same few pounds come off and go back on. I am aware my shape has improved with the gym work and I’m pleased and know weight loss isn’t the only measure. I know though that without a weigh in to be accountable to, I am not anywhere near as healthy with my food choices. Summer is fast approaching so the efforts will be ramped up!

After a heavy weekend, I’ve managed a pound off this week which I am actually quite thrilled with. Bring it on 💪.


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